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Our Work

We have a broad mix of clients who sell everything from ice cream, to hotel rooms, to servers and DDoS protection. Our competitive advantage is providing superior, customized service to our clients where we emphasize data-driven decision-making and quantifiable results that bring added value.

Ben & Jerry's

Is that a new flavor? Or is it values-based content? Instagram story or a reel? How does a leading global brand measure performance when their content spans the gamut from Boozy Summer Recipes to Black Lives Matter?

Workshop. Prioritize. Deploy. The LG team collaborated with the B&J team and their agency partners to create a simple, direct framework for measurement — allowing true performance to be tracked, monitored and acted upon.


How does a global startup gauge the market for their social media → website product?

Test, Optimize, Repeat. Working with Pagevamp and their partner Verisign, LooseGrip deployed cross-platform global campaign flights, each testing a key variable (language, ad format, product pricing.)

Grasp Metrics

I'd like another spreadsheet (said no one ever). How do you free marketing analytics from the confines of columns and rows?

Build the solution. We built Grasp Metrics in house, from the ground up, to streamline all the marketing metrics that are key to our clients. Along the way, we accidentally built a kick-ass tool that stacks up against the best in marketing analytics. Whoops.

Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB)

How do you transform a S&P 500 brand’s quarterly PDF reports into a digital-first experience?

Design. Develop. Deliver. In collaboration with the folks at Verisign, the LG team reshaped these quarterly reports into a dynamic online hub, complete with a freshly crafted visual identity, a custom content management system, and an interactive data visualization center. With reduced time-to-publish and an improved user experience, the DNIB now offers a continuous pulse on the business of domain names, setting a new standard for how the industry engages with data.


Proof is in the partners. Showcasing key partnerships is crucial for any technology provider. But how can it be executed in more than just a series of logos?

Welcome to ePlus. Using a sleek modern UX, the launch of a broad partner site allows key stakeholders and potential customers to see what the opportunities and results of partnering with ePlus really look like.


How does a world-leading technology partner activate their key sponsorship in the era of Covid?

Adapt. Working directly with LooseGrip, NTT was able to adapt their traditional hospitality approach from event marketing to digital with a mix of technology, content and speed.


We’ll use our unique ability to map a whole bunch of data to identify key insights that drive impact for your organization. Our testing-first mindset and process delivers results to boost your company’s bottom line and maximize ROI. Along the way we also build software to make our lives (and yours) easier.


We strongly believe that reporting for reporting’s sake leads to more dashboards & spreadsheets and less action & insight. With that in mind, we develop custom frameworks for monitoring, measuring, and acting upon digital metrics and KPIs. This allows marketing teams to find the signal through the noise — and actually do something about it.


We are committed to testing, learning, & growing in all aspects of our work. From campaign strategy to creative concept, from launch to report, we continually optimize and push forward providing measurable results.


Geared for hands-on leaders with growing teams, our Impact Accelerator brings renewed energy to your marketing operation. This program works best for growth-minded teams that believe we learn as much from our misses as our home runs, but who may not always have the tools to properly define and measure each. Over the course of three months, we focus on:

  • clarity: clear KPIs to help gauge success — or lack thereof
  • efficiency: guide rails for content performance, campaign planning, and overall optimization
  • scale: a blueprint for growth across people, media, and tech)


We are a small, mighty team of dedicated experts that operates with a few forward-facing values:

  • We believe that momentum > movement.
  • We are committed to testing, learning, and growing.
  • We want to figure out a better way (because there’s always a better way).
  • We value each other, our time, our input, and our output.
  • We insist on working with grown-ass adults who do their work and encourage the success of others.

AudreyDirector of Marketing Operations

MartyTechnical Lead

NeilFounder & CEO

NickDirector of Product

SarahCreative Lead

ThiagoAds Director

EmilieContent Marketing Specialist

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